Introduction To Anti-Bullying


 Anti Bullying Week  13th-17th November - " All different, All equal"

Our student Anti bullying Ambassadors, SMILE Team and Equality Leaders have delivered inspirational assemblies to all year groups this week , to refresh promoting kindness and celebrating difference.

We now have a team of 40 student Leaders who are available to support any students where they feel there is any conflict emerging.



Welcome to our ANTI-BULLYING section of the school website. Our aim is to provide students with an additional way to report any incidents of bullying or safeguarding.


"Bullying"......... what does it mean?

The Anti-Bullying Alliance says that it is.......


"Behaviour by an individual or group, usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically, verbally, emotionally or through Cyberspace" 


Cyber Bullying: has the same effect as face to face bullying, but may take place via mobiles, e mails, texts or other message types. This may be sending hurtful texts or spreading rumours through social networking sites - uploading private or distorted images, sending abusive comments through gaming sites, or assuming a false identity to cause harm or trouble. 


Verbal bullying: may include name calling, threats, spreading rumours or gossip, Usually face to face, but may include malicious phone calls or messages.


How can parents and carers help?

  • Each situation may need a different approach.
  • If you think your child is being bullied, don't panic-try to keep an open mind
  • Listen and reassure them that 'telling' was the right thing to do
  • Assure them that bullying is not their fault and that you are  there to support them
  • Find out what your child wants to happen
  • Discuss the situation with school


In the first instance, please telephone school to speak with the Form Tutor, Learning Leader or a member of the Inclusion Team.


Who can students tell in school?

Students can tell any trusted adult in school about any bullying or safeguarding concern to get support. They can see the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to help in any situation or they can e mail for support if they are not confident enough to report face to face.


Where can students get more information and help?


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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors


We would like to introduce ourselves and welcome you to our Anti Bullying Ambassador section of our Website.

Our names are Anna and Oliver and we are two Year11 students who are the Senior Student Leaders of the Anti-Bullying team here at Longdendale.

We are here to make sure that if any student is unhappy about friendship issues or bullying, that our team can help out before anything becomes bullying and makes students unhappy. We are always there to talk to, alongside the rest of the team and we can be easily recognised as we wear purple lanyards with Anti Bullying Ambassador on the front and a large blue ‘A’ badge.

In June 2015, our team from students in Years 10 and 11 were trained by the Princess Diana Team for a day, on what to do in a difficult situation if a student is being bullied or having conflict with other students. We are now ready to launch our work and make our school an even safer environment than it already is, for your child's education. Our definition is that bullying is "any behaviour that makes someone upset, uncomfortable and feeling unsafe - that is deliberate and is repeated over time" This can take many forms such as - verbal, indirect, cyber and physical.

Before we leave Longdendale we want to reduce conflict and the small number of incidents even further and we are looking forward to sharing our work with future students and our personal experiences to ensure a safe environment where bullying is not accepted or tolerated.





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Hello and welcome to our Longdendale SMILE Team section Anti-Bullying part of our school website. Our names are Leah and Liam.

We are part of the SMILE Teams here at Longdendale High School, and we are all the friendly, approachable and kind students from Year 8 and 9, around school wearing our Light Blue Lanyards – saying SMILE Team on them. We help other students if they are looking lost, if they have fallen out with friends or they just want someone to sit with, at break or in the dining room.

We are really good listeners and will encourage others to go to see our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors at the Anti-Bullying Base or  to see staff,  if they are nervous about going to get help for any worries.

We want to make sure our school continues being a  happy friendly place where it’s good to tell someone......


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Anti-Bullying Websites




The Anti-bullying Alliance is a coalition of organisations and individuals working together to stop bullying and create safe environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn.




CyberMentors is all about young people helping and supporting each other online.


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