The Art Department




The art department consists of two teachers of Art. We have two fully equipped art rooms. In art we strive holistically to develop student’s creativity and academic success.


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We currently deliver the AQA GCSE Art specification which is assessed using the 1-9 number descriptors.

Students have the opportunity to complete each unit of the GCSE course each year but the stimuli, artists and technical skills increase in challenge.

The art curriculum develops students SMSC and allows students to develop reflective thinking skills as well as their personal response to the world around them.


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Students are assessed each half-term in years 7 and 8 by a practical assessment.

At GCSE students are assessed at the end of each component of work. They are frequently formatively assessed and receive written feedback at the end of each component of work using the 1-9 grading. However, verbal feedback is given every lesson to progress further.


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Home Learning


In years 7 and 8 students receive a piece of home learning 3 times per half-term. This is usually in the form of research based imagery or completion of a piece of art work.

GCSE students receive a written home learning activity fortnightly. Other home learning includes research and portfolio work.


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Afterschool Sessions


There are portfolio sessions after school for GCSE students with each class teacher.


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Enrichment Opportunities


The art department is passionate about enrichment opportunities. There is a school production for students to get involved in from years 7-10 which involves the pre-production team making the art backdrop for the next school productions.

In previous years this has included Alice in Wonderland, Oliver – The Orphan Boy and Midsummer Night’s Dream.

There is a weekly Art Club for students to attend in all year groups.


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