Students will be given the opportunity to revise for upcoming assessments in their lessons or as part of their homework. Students will be given structured activities as part of revision and preparation for examinations and assessments. Revision guides are also available for all subjects - most of these can be bought on Amazon or via school. Students should liaise with their subject teachers to find out which specific revision guides they need.

For Year 11 students, a timetable of after school revision is available. These sessions typically target those students whom need additional support and guidance to meet their targets.  

All students are additionally provided with 30 minutes during tutor time per week to practice the independent study skills needed to prepare for examinations. They are given copies of knowledge organisers for English, maths and science which are available on the website in the curriculum section.

Study skills that are recommended include strategies such as making flashcards condensing the information, making A-maps of words and colourful imagery, mnemonics, low-level quizzing and reciting the information as a lecture.

When students have upcoming assessments, we recommend:

Step 1 - Plan

Make a revision timetable.

Allow more time for the topics you find difficult.

Step 2 – Check for understanding

Please ensure you understand what has been taught first.

Find the strategies which best work for you and practice them.

Step 3 – Review by testing yourself using low-level quizzing, practise papers/questions.