At Longdendale our rewards policy encompasses the vision of creating a vibrant, positive learning culture of success and celebration. Students are motivated, feel valued and they achieve.

Positive behaviour choices are of critical importance in all schools.  They encourage a calm and productive environment in which children can flourish.  Our behaviour and rewards policy seeks to reward the good choices the students make and prevent disruptive behaviour from impacting on the learning of the rest of the class. We want all who learn here to leave understanding that their positive behaviour and attitudes will enhance their lives.  We use Class Charts to record, monitor and report rewards and behaviour choices.  

The responsibility for behaviour choices rests with the student.  They are responsible for their actions and consequences will result from these.  Rewards for positive behaviour and attitude choices and sanctions for poor behaviour and attitude choices.  Students, school staff and parents/carers work in partnership to ensure that learning is not disrupted by poor behaviour.  
Rewards and celebrating success is an important part of life within Longdendale High school with students’ success both within and outside the classroom is rewarded. Rewarding students makes them feel valued, builds confidence and pride and motivates them to achieve. In addition, rewarding good behaviour enables students to realise that desirable behaviour, self-discipline and responsibility to self and others is highly valued in our community.

Students’ achievement, effort and behaviour will be recognised and celebrated in the following ways: 

  • Praise and encouragement
  • Achievement points
  • Postcards home
  • Certificates & badges
  • Attendance Awards
  • Celebration Assemblies
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Reward trips

We understand the importance of recognising, praising and rewarding our students in a way that is meaningful to them. We will ensure that, regardless of ability and age all students across the school will be able to benefit from the rewards process. We follow a positive behaviour policy and therefore students can earn achievement points. Students can earn five reward points each week from their form tutor for turning up on time, every day, in full uniform and fully equipped.

Students may also choose to spend their reward points by exchanging them for small prizes at the school reward shop. These include stationery items, books and vouchers.
Every September will be a fresh start (points will be reset at zero and students will work towards certificates and badges for that school year). There will be further recognition in Year 11 for those students who have accumulated badges, at least up to the gold threshold, in each of their five years at school. 


In the event that a student makes poor choices in respect of their behaviour or attitude sanctions will be applied.  The staff member will take into account the behaviour and context of the behaviour when applying sanctions.  Whilst the formal sanction process listed below will usually follow the staff member’s use of measures to refocus and reengage the student, there will be times when serious behaviour requires earlier stages to be bypassed.  The Form Tutor and Learning Leader are central to a child’s educational experience at Longdendale, they ensure close contact is maintained between home and school in respect of lower level behaviour incidents.  Should a student accumulate a number of sanctions the school may decide to incorporate these into one or more higher level sanctions.  

At the initial stages of lower level poor behaviour, the staff member will use strategies to refocus and redirect the student to make the right behaviour choices. 


Receiving a C1 tells a student that their behaviour or attitude is unacceptable and that they have failed to make improvements despite the staff member’s interventions. 


Further poor choices will result in the student being issued with a C2.  This may be recorded on the board and will be recorded on the student’s behaviour register via Class Charts.  A student who receives a C2 will serve a same day 15 minute teacher detention at a time chosen by the teacher.


If the student does not demonstrate improvement in their behaviour the C2 will be escalated to a C3.  A 30 minute detention will be issued which will be served the same day which will be recorded on the student’s behaviour register.


This sanction is reserved for more serious incidents or the persistent failure to meet the school’s core values and expectations.  These incidents will result in a period of internal exclusion, a fixed term exclusion or a permanent exclusion.


Students who make repeated poor choices will be placed on monitoring report. If their behaviour choices are not improved they will be placed onto an Individual Behaviour Plan or Pastoral Support Plan.

The sensible use of aerosols for many people poses little risk to them or their health, however for others they can pose a serious risk and threat to their ability to breathe. In line with the advice from Asthma UK, Longdendale is an aerosol free zone.  

Mobile phones have become a part of many of our lives and the school seeks to ensure that responsible usage habits are encouraged.  Mobile devices are a distraction to learning and it is for this reason that they must be switched off whilst in lessons and corridors.  Mobile phones and headphones may only be used in the dining rooms and outside of school buildings at lunch and designated break times.