Attendance and Punctuality


The school’s Attendance Policy can be found here.


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If your child is absent, please ensure it is for a genuine illness or emergency only. Please phone the school’s attendance office to notify school of the absence explaining the reason and length of absence expected. Please let school know by 8.15am.  The number is 01457 764006.    Please make all medical or dental appointments after school where possible. Please send the appointment card into school where possible; otherwise please put a note in your child's planner


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Attendance Badges


These badges will be awarded to students who achieve the following attendance:



Bronze Award

100% Attendance for one term


Silver Award

100% Attendance for two terms


Gold Award

100% Attendance for three terms

This Special Badge is awarded, in addition to the Gold Badge, to students who have achieved all three badges during an Academic Year.


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Attendance and Punctuality


Outstanding attendance is essential to the success of your child at Longdendale High School.   Students should aim for 100% attendance, anything below 95% would be seen as a cause for concern and could lead to a Penalty Notice fine or even prosecution.  

Attending school regularly, being punctual and attending all lessons creates the opportunity for students to reach their potential and to achieve their aspiration.   Regular attendance and good punctuality encourages students to become reliable and organised - two qualities valued by colleges, apprenticeship providers and employers. Regular attendance at school promotes friendships and boosts confidence and self-esteem through being part of the school community.

All students must be in school for 8.30am when form  time begins. At 8.40am, all arrivals will be marked as late. If a student is late they will receive an automatic detention on the same day. Parents will be advised by text of any detentions.

Students who arrive to school after 9.00am will be marked as absent for the entire morning session. Repeated late arrival to school will adversely affect your child’s attainment and could lead to a Penalty Notice fine.


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Leave of Absence / Holidays


Leave of absence will not be authorised during term time except in extreme circumstances; unauthorised absence from school may lead to the issuing of a Penalty Notice fine.  

For any parents who may be considering taking a holiday during term time in the forthcoming academic year please be aware that as a result of new government legislation any holidays during term time will NOT be authorised and may result in a Penalty Notice being issued under Section 444(A) of the Education Act 1996.


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Penalty Notice Information Letter

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Attendance Officer


Our Attendance Officer may contact families and students having issues with their attendance. Their role is to assist students and families in overcoming any barriers that may exist that are stopping your child from attending school regularly. If a student’s attendance does not improve to the required level after support has been put in place you risk prosecution for persistent absence. 


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