November  2018

Bullying Appointment Letter

Y11 Mock Exams December 2018


October 2018

Trust Partnership Co-ordinator

Y11 Maths Letter


September 2018

Y7 Maths University Letter


July 2018

School Bus Fare Changes 

End of Term Arrangements


June 2018

Map of Bus Routes

Bus Service Changes June 2018 

May 2018

Y11 Leaver's Letter

Y10 Mock Exam Information

835 Bus Information

Y11 Yearbook and Leavers Hoodies

Y11 Exam Prep Letter and Timetable


April 2018

Apprenticeships Fair April 2018


March 2018

Expectations Letter

835 Bus Letter Consultation

Easter School 2018

New 835 Bus Service


January 2018

Changes to Behaviour Consequence System

Y11 Exam Preperation Evening

Y11 Mock Exam Week Letter


December 2017

End of Term Letter 2017


October 2017


Bus Service 835

School Dinners 


July 2017


Introducing the AspirePlus Educational Trust


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June 2017


Year 10 Mock Exam Letter


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May 2017


Year 11 Exam Preperation Letter & Timetable

Year 10 Parents Letter

Year 7 Enrichment Week

Year 8 Enrichment Week

Year 9 Enrichment Week

Year 10 Enrichment Week


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April 2017


Year 11 Hoodie Letter


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March 2017


Easter School Timetable

End of Term Arrangements

Y11 Additional Mock


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January 2017


Graded Music Exams


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December 2016


End of Term Letter

Outcome of Consultation


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November 2016


Letter to Y11 Parents from Ashton 6th Form

Consultation Letter to Parents and Carers

Consultation Questionnaire

Consultation Frequent Questions

Year 9 Exam Week Letter


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July 2016


Headteachers Letter

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Letter regarding planned strike action - July 2016


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June 2016


Partnership Longdendale High School and Astley Sports College


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