Longdendale High School Local Governing Body

The general role of the Local Governing Body is to provide the local context, challenge and support to the Headteacher and Executive Principal, ensuring the very best local provision for the community.  

Committee members

The following members serve on the Longdendale High School Local Governing Body:

  • Danielle Ballagher (Academy Governor)
  • Alison Bradshaw (Parent Governor)
  • Karin Elgar (Academy Governor)
  • Catherine Little (Academy Governor)
  • Marcus Gill (Parent Governor)
  • Ashvin Mistry (Academy Governor)
  • Tracey Saltsman (Academy Governor - Chair)

Attendance 2020/21

  Possible Actual %
David Ainsworth 2 1 50
Danielle Ballagher 3 3 100
Alison Bradshaw 3 1 33
Karin Elgar 3 3 100
Marcus Gill 3 3 100
Cath Little 3 3 100
Ashvin Mistry 3 3 100
Tracey Saltsman 3 3 100


Governors terms of office

Name Date of Appointment Term of Office Date they stepped down (if applicable) Appointed by
Tracey Saltsman 13/01/2021 Until 31/08/2022    Trust Board
Karin Elgar 13/01/2021 Until 31/08/2022   Trust Board
Catherine Little 13/01/2021 Until 31/08/2022  

Trust Board

Alison Bradshaw 13/01/2021 Until 31/08/2022   Trust Board
Marcus Gill 13/01/2021 Until 31/08/2022   Trust Board
Danielle Ballagher 27/01/2021 Until 31/08/2022   Trust Board
David Ainsworth 31/03/2021 Until 31/08/2022

Transferred to RSHS LGB - Jan 2022

Trust Board


Register of Interests

Each governor must declare any interests that may conflict with their role with the Trust – these are recorded in the Register of Interests, which is available to view on the Trust website at:




For more information about governance at Longdendale High School and Stamford Park Trust, including how to get involved, please contact Carolyn Wright, Head of Governance at carolyn.wright@stamfordparktrust.ac.uk