At Longdendale High School we recognise that the partnership between home and school is key in helping your child achieve their full potential. Such evenings provide a forum where you can discuss a variety of aspects regarding your child’s education including:

  • Academic progress in their subject
  • How to improve their progress
  • Homework completion and standards
  • Preparation for any upcoming assessments or examinations
  • Behaviour in their subjects
  • General subject specific enquiries

Therefore, we expect that all families will attend Parents’ Evening wherever possible. If this is not possible due to work commitments or other family commitments, please contact your child’s Head of Year to arrange an alternative method of communication.

This year, all Parents' Evenings will be held in school. All Parents' Evenings are from 4:30pm – 7:30pm (unless specified below). 

Year Group   Head of Year   Date of Parents' Evening
7 Mr Boardman Thursday 13th June
8 Mr Rea Thursday 2nd May
9 Mr Hulley

Thursday 29th February

4.30pm - 5.00pm Parent Options Presentation

5.00pm - 8.00pm Parents' Evening

10 Mr Paradiuk Thursday 7th December
11 Miss Hamilton Thursday 8th February


Appointments for both virtual and In-person Parents’ Evenings can be made using our digital service, SchoolCloud at the following address: 

Where your child’s Parents’ Evening is virtual, please use the same website to access your meetings on the evening itself.

Parents’ Guide for Booking Appointments Click Here 

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