What does a Student Leader do?

  • Demonstrates the school values at all times
  • Approachable leader who can represent the views of the wider Student Body
  • Helps to shape further improvements across the school
  • Organised and dedicated to improving the school environment
  • Excellent role model to younger students and the wider community
  • Committed to developing and representing interests of all students in the school

Why is Student Leadership important?

Student Leadership gives the students the opportunity to contribute to their school community. Through School Council and Student Voice surveys the students can have their say on issues around school. At Longdendale it is important to us to hear and listen to our Students. By working together as a community, we can make sure the students get the most out of their time here at Longdendale with us.

Being a student leader helps the young people develop a range of skills for future lives and employment. These include communication, teamwork, independence, resilience, time management and reliability.

Who can apply to be a Student Leader?

Anyone in the school can apply to be a Student leader - there are multiple roles available at all stages of the student’s time at Longdendale. Once students get into Year 10 they can apply for the role of Head Boy or Head Girl. There is also a full team of Senior Student Leadership roles, who take on a range of responsibilities across the school.

What roles are available?

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Ambassador
  • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors
  • Transition Leaders
  • Form and Year Reps
  • Charity Leaders
  • Subject Leaders
  • Sports Leaders
  • Equality Leaders

What is School Council?

All students from Years 7-11 can also play an important role within student leadership by becoming a Form Representative or a Year Representative for the School Council. Form Reps and Year Reps are democratically elected by their peers and attend half-termly meetings to discuss proposals for change and to evaluate how the School Council can further improve our Longdendale community. This then gets presented to the senior members of staff and changes are discussed and, in many cases, implemented.

Charity Work

A big part of Student Leadership is organising and facilitating Charity Events within school. Our Charity leaders in Year 10 and 11 start the year with lots of ideas for various charity events and we organise a calendar for this accordingly. This often involves work within the local community. Our Charity leaders play a vital role in school, we regularly update the Longdendale Social media accounts with the charity events taking place.

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