Student Leadership gives our students the opportunity to contribute to their school community and have their say on issues around school.

There are multiple roles available for students in all year groups. As well as working collectively to support the school, being a student leader helps young people develop a range of skills for their future lives and employment. These include communication, teamwork, independence, resilience, time management and reliability skills. Once students get into Year 10 they can apply for the role of Head Student.

Skills & Qualities

  • Demonstrates the school values at all times
  • Excellent role model to younger students and the wider community
  • Committed to developing and representing the interests of all students
  • Is an approachable leader who promotes inclusion
  • Supportive and proactive in driving school improvement


Form Representatives – Years 7, 8 & 9

Form Representatives contribute to meaningful change within our school community. They represent their tutor group, voice concerns, and work towards making positive changes. It is a pivotal role in creating a positive school environment, fostering a sense of unity, and advocating for the students’ best interests.
Staff Lead: Mrs Willis

Transition Peer Mentors – Years 7 & 8

Transition Peer Mentors help Year 6 into Year 7 students transition into secondary school life at Longdendale. Mentors are trained to provide support and guidance to new students. They also help organise events to support with transition and induction.
Staff Lead: Mrs Willis

Library Champions – Year 8

A Library Champion holds a significant role in promoting the effective and efficient use of the school library. They work closely with the school librarian to fulfil their responsibilities effectively and contribute positively to both the library and the school community.
Staff Lead: Miss Payton

Subject Ambassadors – Year 9

A Subject Student Leader holds a role focused on promoting and improving the subject they represent among students. We currently have ambassadors within: Science, Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages.
Staff Lead: Head of Department

Anti-Bullying Leaders – Year 9

A student Anti-Bullying leader plays a crucial role in fostering a safe and inclusive school environment. Responsibilities include promoting awareness, collaborating with staff to implement preventive measures and supporting with mental health and well-being events.
Staff Lead: Miss Collins

Subject Leaders – Year 10

Subject Leaders help promote and generate new ideas within their subject or area. They support with school events and help with extra-curricular clubs for younger students. We currently have leaders in Sports, Dance, Charity, Literacy and Numeracy.
Staff Lead: Head of Department

School Council – Year 10

The primary aim of a School Council member is to represent the student body, voice their concerns, and work towards making positive changes in the school community. The School Council meet weekly during tutor time in the library.
Staff Lead: Mrs Willis

Head Student – Year 11

The Head Student is a prestigious leadership position within our school community. The role involves representing the student body, working closely with school leaders and fostering a positive school culture. The Head Students serve as role models, advocates and leaders among students.
Staff Lead: Mrs Willis

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