Number Day

27 January 2023

In February, we raised money for Number Day, the official fundraising day for the NSPCC!

The Maths department challenged our students to bake something number or maths themed. The response we had was fantastic and the quality of treats created impressed everyone. These were then sold at break time with all proceeds going to the NSPCC.

Well done to everyone who participated. Our overall winner was Isabella in Year 7 for her fabulous Pie Pi Cake. Prizes were awarded to the following students: 

Best effort - Megan, Year 7

Most imaginative - Isabella, Year 7

Most mathematical - Josh, Year 7

Most creative - Elizabeth, Year 7

Most numbers - Jackson, Year 7

Well plotted - Charlotte, Year 8

Most puzzling - Robyn, Year 7 and Annie, Y8

Cute cupcakes - Lucy, Year 7

Marble masterpiece - Ava, Year 7

Most decorative - Nathan, Year 8

Realistic artwork - Marty, Year 7

Most accurate - Ben, Year 7


Tags: Transition

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