Aspiration Day

20 October 2023

Students have taken part in a various activities for Aspiration day today.

Year 7 have developed leadership, teamworking and communication skills by developing their own year group brand.

Students in Year 8 have taken part in a Dragons Den style enterprise day and have also listened to firefighters from Greater Manchester Fire Service speak about the danger of bonfires and fireworks.

Year 9 have taken part in a Current Events Global Citizenship Day, learning about the rule of law and current events in Israel, Gaza and the Ukraine amongst other topics.

Students in Year 10 have enjoyed team building activities, music and creativity sessions and more.

Year 11 have focused on their futures and have discussed revision skills, financial literacy, how to tackle interviews, taken part in a cost of living workshop and taken mock driving theory tests.

We hope all students found their activities valuable and wish all our students and their families an enjoyable half term break.

Stamford Park Trust