Year 10 XL Visit to ASFC

30 January 2024

On Friday 24th January Mr Pomeroy took out a group of students to Ashton Sixth Form College for an XL visit for Maths, Computer Science and Physics. The day was centered around the enjoyment and enthusiasm for these subjects but also gave students the opportunity to see what these subjects would be like at A Level.

The first session was all about Computer Science and students were asked to try and write a code to calculate if they could escape being sucked into a black hole based on certain parameters. After break students went to a session on Maths where an investigation took place into Pascal's triangle and students were able to see just a few of the ways in which Pascal's triangle were useful at both GCSE and A Level. Before lunch saw a talk from Keynote speaker Tom Cheesewright, applied futurist, who talked to the students about the job prospects for 2030 and beyond. We were all blown away by the possibilities for the future and how we could use our skills in these key subject areas to develop jobs for the future. After lunch saw the final session of the day where students learned about Black holes and actually attempted questions on how to calculate the radius of a black hole.

The day gave us all plenty to think about, whilst offering insights into what certain subjects would be like at A Level. Thank you Year 10 for being a credit to the school!

Stamford Park Trust